Spiritual Warfare
We get to see Jesus do incredibly powerful things through students in youth ministry. When a student invites a friend to youth group and they accept Jesus as their savior, a life is changed forever. When a student falls in love with your church and convinces their family to start attending on weekends, a family is changed forever. When your students form Christ-centered friendships that begin to change their schools with the love of Jesus, your community is changed forever.

Students are having incredible impact for Christ, which means there is push-back from the enemy. That’s why we created this seven day devotional on the armor of God to encourage your students to suit up and stand strong.

The Armor of God
The “armor of God” passage shows up in Ephesians six, where the Apostle Paul encourages believers to prepare for battle. He’s not talking about the Roman occupation or any physical war — it’s all about the invisible, spiritual battle taking place all around us. He uses the illustration of a Roman guard’s uniform to parallel the spiritual uniform designed to help Christians withstand attacks of the enemy. We have likely read this passage before, but there are layers of context that will help shed new light on this classic scripture. 

Why does Paul make such a big deal about putting on the armor of God? This represents the core defenses we must take in our spiritual lives. The Bible teaches that Satan is roaming about looking to lie to us, destroy us, and accuse us (Revelation 12:10; 1 Peter 5:8). The enemy is a trickster who uses clever schemes to make Christians live in fear, feel insecure, ignore community, grow overwhelmed with guilt, and live out lies that he contrived. 

This is not the life God wants for you. Thus, he has given you spiritual armor to help you withstand the devil’s tricks and tactics.

When you download this bundle you will receive:
-7-Day Devotional on the Armor of God
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Bonus Content:
-4-Part devotional and discussion guide on Spiritual Warfare
This bonus content is part of our CIRCLES hub, free small group discipleship curriculum created for teens.