Q&A on Dating: A Pastor’s Perspective

Here is a free eBook containing Q&A on dating!

During a youth ministry retreat, we encouraged students to submit their pressing questions on love and dating. This turned into a fun and helpful session that answered student’s real questions head on.

The reality is that students are thinking about relationships. They’re asking questions and they’ll find answers one way or another. As Instagram influencers, The Bachelor and high school lunch tables offer nonstop dating advice, it’s important for youth workers to provide students with a Biblical perspective on relationships. ⁠

That’s why we created the Relationship Goals eBook, a free Q&A on dating that contains answers to 12 questions about love!

This Q&A on dating provides Bible-based answers to these twelve, student-submitted questions:
How do I know if someone likes me?
What’s the right age to start dating?
How far is too far?
What do you do when a friend starts dating then disappears from your life?
What advice do you have for someone going through a bad breakup?
Can a Christian date a non-Christian?
What do you do if you were abused?
Should couples read their Bibles together?
How do you love someone who has done you wrong?
When do you know someone is “the one?”
How do I get out of the friend zone?
Why are there so many rules to Christian dating?

This Q&A on Dating includes:

— 12 answers to student-submitted questions
— An editable eBook so you can put your own twist on this youth pastor’s answers
— Graphics to reinforce each Q&A on your social media

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