Here is a free youth ministry game called “Burger in a Blender!”

Wait, KFC sells edible nail polish? People actually bought a Buffalo Chicken latte? Woah — there’s a black whopper complete with black buns & black cheese?

Welcome to the wildly weird world of international fast food. In this Instagram-worthy game, you present a set of trivia questions on the screens. Each one features pictures of the weirdest fast-food “treats” from around the world. Students then guess where these meals originated.

Sounds pretty simple, right? There’s a twist.

If they get the answer wrong, they have to add an American snack from McDonalds into a high powered blender. With each wrong answer, they have to add anything from McNuggets to Iced Coffee to a hamburger to ranch dressing into their malicious milkshake.

After all the trivia questions are answered, you blend. Then the student must drink the McSmoothie.

When you download this gloriously gross youth ministry game, you will instantly receive:

— All Game Slides
— A Graphics Pack Full of Screen Graphics
— An instruction manual
— Trivia & Talking Points About Each Item on the Slides
(Blender not included.)

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