Free Youth Group Game: Sink It Or Drink It

Free Youth Group Game
Free Youth Group Game: Sink It Or Drink It

One winter I found myself mesmerized as a trio of students did trick shots with a trash can and a dodgeball. However silly it seemed, they started to draw a crowd. People were cheering with every successful basket and moaning with every miss. People loved it. If you look at the popular personalities on YouTube, you will see a trend emerge. It turns out teenagers are obsessed with trick shots. That’s where the idea for this game was born. 

How to Play this free youth group game: 

The concept is really simple. You invite two students up on stage with a ball and a basket. Then you encourage them to attempt difficult shots. If they miss, the other student gets to attempt a shot. If they make it, the other student has to copy their trick shot. We reward 5 points for every successful basket. It’s as simple as that.

However, we added a twist to make the game more entertaining. If you miss your match attempt, then you drink a mystery beverage in an unmarked cup. If you can guess the mystery liquid, then you 4 points as a consolation.

  • Bring up two volunteers 
  • Have them play rock paper scissors to see who shoots first
  • Let them start their shots! They will miss the first few while they get used to the equipment and environment 
  • If they make it, they receive 5 points and the other player tries to match 
  • When they sink it, give them five points 
  • If they miss it, then they have to drink it 
    • Have the student take a sip from the mystery cup
    • Allow them to guess what it is
    • Reveal the mystery liquid from the powerpoint slides provided
    • If they get it right, they receive four points
  • Play until one player has 20 points. 
When you download this free bundle you will receive:
  • Game rules and instructions
  • Graphics to promote the game on social media
  • Game slides for your screens (with editable templates) 

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