Youth Ministry Game: Pumpkin Spice

Here is a free youth ministry game for your students!

Pumpkin spice makes everything cooler in the fall. Morning coffee becomes IG worthy if it’s a pumpkin spice latte. Publix sells out of pumpkin spice bagels as soon as they hit the shelves. People buy candles they’re never going to light just because they are flavored pumpkin spice. Students go crazy over pumpkin spice everything in the fall, which is why we created this youth ministry game!

Pumpkin Spice Everything is simple: You put pumpkin spice on a variety of foods to see who can eat them the fastest. Then you determine once and for all if pumpkin spice literally makes everything taste better (spoiler alert: it doesn’t).

When you download this free bundle you will receive:
-Game rules
-Graphics to promote the game on social media
-Game slides (editable so you can swap foods based on what you have available)  

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