Five Games for Youth Ministry That Come Together In Seconds

Why do we need games for youth ministry?

Church Should Be Fun
Fun is often the first phase in a student’s faith journey. From silly games in kids church to camps in youth ministry, fun is foundational to building trust and developing community. Even Jesus kicked off his ministry at a party!

We believe church should be fun. Yes, we take God seriously–but we never take ourselves too seriously. We sing karaoke, throw inflatable flamingo rafts into crowds, and eat gross things. Ultimately, we strive to create events where students have fun, laugh, and get out of their shells. Games go a long way in cultivating this kind of culture.

Here’s a free bundle of five games for youth ministry!

We are often tempted to treat game time as an afterthought. However, a fun environment is a formational environment. There is a reason all your favorite teachers in high school did fun activities instead of just lecturing. Games tear down walls, break barriers, and allow you to build meaningful relationships along the way.

“Oh Shoot, I Forgot to Plan a Game!” Do you know this feeling? You’ve spent all week crafting a great talk, writing small group curriculum, and planning an upcoming all-nighter. Every hour has been productive with puma-like precision. However, it’s noon on Wednesday and you didn’t plan any games for youth ministry tonight. Sure, you could just play dodgeball again. Or, you could try something different.We created this resource bundle to help you prevent that noon-before-youth-night feeling.

These five games for youth ministry include:

–‘Rock, Paper, Scissors, Squad’ rules and tips sheet
–‘Friends vs. Family’ rules and tips sheet
–‘Finish the Lyric’ rules and tips sheet
–‘Ten Second Talent Show’ rules and tips sheet
–‘Groups ‘ rules and tips sheet
–All the screen graphics you’ll need for each of the five games

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