Free Youth Group Game: Besties

Free Youth Group Game: Besties

Best friends! We all have them, but how well do we really know them? This side-splitting game is designed to put your best friend’s knowledge to the test. Have you seen The Newlywed Game? This is the same principle, just without all the awkward questions. We put a twist on it by inviting three duos of best friends to compete against each other to answer one critical question — how well do you know your bestie?

This game takes almost zero time to put together, so it’s the perfect last minute game. It may be simple, but the audience loves it.

Here’s what you’ll need to play this youth group game: 
  • Three sets of best friends
  • Two hosts to lead the conversation
  • 3 white boards or three note pads
    • Markers for the boards
    • Sharpies for the notepads
  • 6 chairs chairs placed in back to back sets in the front of the room
  • If possible, download the screen slides we provide so people in the audience can follow along
How to play “Besties:”
  • Bring up three sets of best friends.
  • Seat each pair in two chairs that are back to back. You do not want them to be able to see their friend’s answers. 
  • Ask them all a question, then give them time to them write down the answer on their white board or note pad. 
  • Go from team to team, asking the student without the white board to answer the question. When they answer, have their friend reveal the answer they wrote down. 
  • Award one point to every set of best friends with matching answers.
  • Humor and conversation are key here. Laugh with them, joke about the answer, and groan when they get it wrong.
  • The duo with the most points wins a prize. We give them cheap top-banana trophies from amazon. 
When you download this free bundle you will receive:
  • Game rules and instructions
  • Graphics to promote the game on social media
  • Game slides with 8 questions for your screens (with editable templates to create any questions you’d like) 

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