FREE GAME: Emoji Christmas Songs

Christmas carols make me happy.
I went Christmas Caroling once. I was flipping through our church bulletin one Sunday and the church-wide Christmas Caroling sign-up caught my eye. Taking advice from Will Ferrell as a large elf, I decided to spread some Christmas cheer by singing loud for all to hear. Plus I am sucker for a good rhyme. My church went all out too. We had a horse drawn carriage, sleigh bells, sheet music, and even snow (okay, they had no control over that, but it was there). In the bitter cold, we were off! Horses pulling us through the town.

There is one catch though — these horses were slow. Like one horse power per horse. Thus, we spent a lot of time between houses, trotting neighborhood to neighborhood. To take my mind off my freezing nose-hairs, I just read through our sheet music. Something dawned on me that night — some Christmas songs don’t make any sense.

Silent night // Holy night // All is calm
There is nothing silent about the birth of a baby without an epidural surrounded by animals.

A new born king to see, Pa rum pum pum pum
Why on earth did the little drummer boy think it was a good idea to go and play a snare drum for a newborn? Just imagine everyone getting settled then a drummer shows up and just starts making a ruckus.

Said the shepherd boy to the little lamb, Do you hear what I hear?
Why is a shepherd boy speaking to a little lamb?

Regardless of how strange the songs, we put together a fun game to play with your youth group. Simply put the slide up on the screen with the emojis, then the students have to guess what the song is. In our group, we played in two teams. First student to run up and give a leader a high five was allowed to guess. They get it right, they get a point. Then we asked if they knew any words of the song and handed them a mic — if they sang, we threw in more points.

It was fun.

Here are a couple examples:

Did you guess the right song? Download the whole bundle below to find out!

When you download you will get:
* The title graphics
* All the slides in order (as jpgs)
* A keynote file (Mac) that you can simply download and use immediately

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