FREE GAME: Christmas Movie Trivia — Elf Edition

I love Christmas movies. I love cheesy hallmark movies where the big city girl returns to her small hometown and falls in love with the local tradesman. I love funny Christmas movies that bring the whole family together in laughter. I even love the sad Christmas movies that make me cry and remind me of valuable life lessons every time I watch them.

Most kids have that one Christmas movie that’s their favorite. The one that they find themselves streaming in July and quoting all year long. For a lot of kids in youth group right now, that movie is Elf! They’ve probably all seen it at least 10 times. That’s why we created this game to see who really knows the movie best!

Here are a couple examples:

Did you get these questions right? Download the whole bundle below to find out!

When you download you will get:
* The title graphics
* All the slides in order (as jpgs)
* A keynote file (Mac) that you can simply download and use immediately

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