Youth Ministry Game for Christmas (Free)

Who doesn’t love a good Christmas movie? I love cheesy hallmark movies where the big city girl falls in love with her hometown tradesman. I love funny Christmas movies that bring the whole family together in laughter. Sometimes, I even love the sad Christmas movies that make me cry and remind me of valuable life lessons.

Most kids have a favorite Christmas movie. The one that they find themselves streaming in July and quoting all year long. For a lot of kids in youth group right now, that movie is Elf! They’ve probably all seen it at least 10 times. That’s why we created this game to see who really knows the movie best!

Here are a few examples from this youth ministry game for Christmas:

Did you get these questions right? Download the whole Elf Trivia bundle below to find out!

When you download this free youth ministry game for Christmas, you will get:
* The title graphics
* All the slides in order (as jpgs)
* A keynote file (Mac) that you can download and use immediately

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Fun is often the first phase in a student’s faith journey. From silly games in kids church to camps in youth ministry, fun is foundational to building trust and developing community. Even Jesus kicked off his ministry at a party!

We believe church should be fun. Yes, we take God seriously–but we never take ourselves too seriously. We sing karaoke, throw inflatable flamingo rafts into crowds, and eat gross things. Ultimately, we strive to create events where students have fun, laugh, and get out of their shells. Games go a long way in cultivating this kind of culture. We hope this game helps you to connect with students in your youth group!

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