Here is a free Christmas Bible devotional for students!

You can use this for your personal study, church, youth group, DNOW, or student ministry.

We love creating ready-to-print Christmas Bible devotionals! Why? Because you can print them out and send every student home on Christmas break with a resource to help them learn more about who Jesus is this Christmas. We developed this Christmas devotional called “Unwrapping Christmas” to help students learn more about the Wise Men and the gifts they gave Jesus.

It’s strange that we celebrate Jesus’s birthday by giving gifts to other people. Imagine if people celebrated your birthday by giving presents to your cousins instead of you! You’d feel betrayed, right? Our gift-giving tradition goes all the way back to the Magi in Matthew. They were the first people to celebrate Jesus’s birth by giving gifts, which is why we give gifts to celebrate the Christmas season. Let’s examine the gifts they gave.

The Christmas Bible devotional breaks down like this:

01/05: Who are the Wise Men?
02/05: Gold
03/05: Frankincense 
04/05: Myrrh
05/05: The Gifts We Give

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