Free Summer Calendar Templates for Youth Ministry

Free Calendar Templates Youth Ministry
Here are five free summer calendar templates for youth ministry.

Summer is almost here!
Students are wrapping up school. People are dusting off their flip-flops. Families are gearing up for their summer vacations. While summer is amazing, there is one issue — church attendance is spotty at best. I am sure you have planned a lot of amazing stuff for your students this summer, so you want to be sure people actually show up.

Sadly, sometimes your planning and posting isn’t enough.

“Well, I didn’t know that was happening.” Have you ever gotten this response about an event you planned? Despite all the preparation, work, instagram posts, emails, and stage announcements, your event still flew under the radar of families throughout your church. In a world full of posts, it’s nice to have something on paper. Be sure to distribute a tangible calendar to help students (or their parents) plan ahead. A well-designed paper calendar can be a simple, but effective, game changer for your summer schedule.

Why did we create these summer calendar templates for youth ministry?

Good design helps information get noticed. That is why our team created this bundle of ready-to-use calendars for you! You can edit them in as much time as you’d spend at the Taco Bell drive-through window. All you need to do is prepare, print, and pass out.

Four Random Tips
1. Pass them out early, but reference them weekly. Parents will appreciate the early heads-up, but students tend to ignore things that aren’t happening within the next week. So, be sure to keep this information front-and-center throughout summer.

2. Post pictures after printing. Post pictures of someone holding your printed-calendar online. This helps your picture get far more traction than a mere graphic.

3. Follow the billboard rule. Keep the information on your calendar clear and concise. You don’t need to explain the event, just let them know what and when. Use other communication channels (email, stage announcements, etc.) to share the details.

4. Give sign-up incentives. Don’t just give deadlines — give different deadlines. If a student signs up early for your event, give them an incentive. Let them pick their cabin-mates. Give them a free meal voucher. Reward them with first dibs on seats in the vehicles. Make the price go up after a certain deadline. Be creative!

When you download these calendar templates for youth ministry, you will revive:

— 8 blank 8×11 JPGs, so that you can add your events using a program like canva or even microsoft word 
— A “Read Me First” file with information about fonts and editing tips 
— Instructions on how to get our team to edit the calendar templates for youth ministry for you — completely free 

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