Free Baptism Graphics

Free Baptism Graphics
Here are some free baptism graphics for your church!
“I want to go swimming at church too!” my nephew exclaimed after a baptism service at church. He was enamored by the whole thing. The crowd cheering and celebrating, the water splashing everywhere, and the ability to practice his swan dive in the middle of a carpeted sanctuary. He was intrigued by it, but we could tell he didn’t understand it. 
Baptism is a big deal. It’s a public declaration that you’ve trusted Jesus with your life and you are committed to following him forever. Baptism is so much more than getting dunked — it’s a spiritual celebration! This day is all about going public with your faith and letting the world know about your commitment to following Jesus.

This bundle of baptism branding packs contains the graphics that you’ll need to promote a powerful baptism service at your church. 

When you download this free bundle you will receive:
  • Four different packs of baptism graphics 
  • Custom sizes to work for social media and your screens 
We also created a complete baptism bundle!

This bundle includes sign-up forms, communication email scripts, baptism t-shirt files, and a bundle of invitation graphics for people to share as they prepare for their big day! You can download the entire baptism bundle using the link below!

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