Free 1 Peter Devotional

Here is a free 1 Peter devotional

You can use this for your personal study, church, youth group, DNOW, or student ministry.

This 1 Peter devotional will help students find purpose despite their pain. If you have students seeking fulfillment while being fatigued with failures, the Book of 1 Peter may provide a perspective of purpose and hope.

Peter penned this letter to provide comfort to suffering Christians. This letter was written to the scattered Christians living under the rule of Nero, the Roman emperor. During his evil reign, a fire broke out and destroyed most of Rome. The flames destroyed almost everything, except the dictator’s estates. Nero didn’t want the blame, so he framed the fire on a scapegoat. He told the people of Rome that Christians set the fire. This lie led to mass persecution of Christians, both personally and politically. They were burned alive, fed to wild animals as entertainment, and crucified like Christ. 

When you download this 1 Peter devotional, you will receive:

— A full seven-day devotional on 1 Peter 1-5.
— Social media graphics designed to help reinforce this devotional online.
— An editable copy of this devotional, if you want to edit it for an event or DNOW.

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This devotional is featured in the CIRCLES curriculum — A Year’s Worth of Free Sermon Series, Small Groups & Devotionals for Youth Ministry. Click here to view the full CIRCLES curriculum calendar and download sermon outlines, small group discussion guides and devotionals all for free. 

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