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Last Words of Jesus Devotional:
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Jesus found himself on the receiving end of Roman torture and execution. He had caused quite a ruckus in the Jewish communities under Rome’s rule. In the peoples’ eyes, Jesus was a savior. In the kingdom’s eyes, He was a traitor. He preached of another greater kingdom coming. He criticized ancient worship practices. The Emperor inevitably heard rumors that Jesus was “the Messiah,” the figure who was going to free the Israelites from their captivity. Thus, Roman rulers decided to extinguish this flame by executing their central figure — Jesus.

It’s insane to imagine, but Jesus was murdered by the men He came to save. He was a carpenter who had driven many nails into wood throughout his lifetime. On the cross, nails were driven into his own hands and feet. Each moment of pain nailed him to a tree that He created. He was beaten, bloody, and about to die. However, through heavy breathing and bone-shattering anguish, Jesus mustered up the strength to share seven life-changing phrases from the cross. In this short study, we are going to examine what these words from 2000 years ago mean for us today.

Spoiler Alert:
The cross is not the end, rather it’s just the beginning. Death could not hold Jesus down.
Students need to understand Jesus’ crucifixion to worship his resurrection.

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