Free Ecclesiastes Devotional

Here is a free Ecclesiastes devotional

The book of Ecclesiastes is a jarring glimpse into the mind of a wealthy and wise leader who is going through a crisis. It’s almost like a published journal. Solomon is working through his disappointments — honestly, bluntly, and intimately. Eventually, Solomon arrives at the conclusion that there is no meaning to life apart from God. It’s not a call to be pessimistic. Rather, it’s a call to shift your perspective. 

As you read the book of Ecclesiastes, you gain incredible insight into the power of words. Solomon speaks with wisdom and truth to reveal lessons about glorifying God with your words in every chapter.

This Ecclesiastes devotional is designed to help you glorify God with all you say.

When you download this Ecclesiastes devotional, you will receive:

— A twelve-day devotional on each chapter of Ecclesiastes.
— An editable copy of this devotional, if you want to edit it for an event or DNOW.

This devotional is perfect for personal study, youth ministry, DNOW, youth group, youth retreats, or social media.

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