Easter Sermon for Youth – Famous Last Words

Easter Sermon for Youth
We made you a free Easter sermon for youth.

Golgotha was one of the darkest places on earth — a peak that resembled a skull towering over ancient Jerusalem. This was not just a spooky hilltop, it was the location of brutal torture and excruciating execution. In this message, we explore one of the most powerful phrases in the whole Bible. “It is finished” was the battlecry of a Savior who wasn’t about to let death have the last word. Let’s explore what these famous last words mean for you today.

These sermon tools are like a can of paint, the value is in the application. Sure, they’re nice to have, but it’s effective when applied properly.

Content is helpful, but the context is crucial. You must filter these resources through your own context. Be sure to adapt the stories and illustrations to your own background, experiences, and personality! Find your voice and use it to speak life into your students’ needs!

Here are a few questions to ask yourself as you contextualize these talks:

1. What do my students love?
2. What makes my ministry unique?
3. What about my teaching style is unique?
4. What stories do you have to share?
5. What struggles are your students facing?

This Easter sermon for youth includes the sermon outline and notes that I would take up to the pulpit on Easter Sunday. A Golgotha Sermon Series Bundle is available in our FMR Free Library that offers supplemental resources to this sermon, including:
– Sermon Script
– Graphics Branding and Promo Pack
– Production Graphics
– Famous Last Words Devotional eBook: A 7-Day devotional exploring the phrases Jesus spoke from the cross
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