Free Psalms Devotional on Stress

Here is a free devotional on stress for students!

Have you ever heard of stress fractures? They’re tiny cracks in bones or buildings caused by repetitive force or friction. It’s not like a major break where the moment of injury is obvious. Stress fractures take place over a long period of time. Our hearts can experience stress fractures too. Sometimes our hearts break slowly. We didn’t face a serious breakup, loss, or trauma. Rather, we are just feeling broken after a series of small setbacks or a season of stress.

The Book of Psalms features the songs and poems or writers who were familiar with stress, setbacks and brokenness. Their open and honest words help us understand our feelings during our breakdowns and learn how to turn to God when we’re searching for breakthroughs.


— A seven-day devotional on Psalms for when you’re stressed
— An editable copy of this devotional, if you want to edit it for an event or DNOW

This devotional is perfect for personal study, youth ministry, DNOW, youth group, youth retreats, or social media.

This free Psalms Devotional is part of a collection of devotionals to help students read through the Book of Psalms. You may also like this Psalms devotional on Psalms 1-7, or this Psalms devotional on Psalms 7-14.      

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