Free Devotional For Students: The Gospel of John

Sometimes students want to dive into scripture, but don’t know where to start.

That can be a tough topic, as starting in Genesis will inevitably lead to some questions and starting in Matthew means you’ll have to read two genealogies before you get to any stories. John is a terrific place to start when developing your walk with God. We created a collection of devotionals to help your students spend three whole weeks studying the Gospel of John every day. This resource is designed to give them an accessible tool that helps them spend time with God throughout the week.

Amazing things happen when people actively make the time to read their Bible every day. We’ve seen it hundreds of times, as there’s a massive mental shift. This small moment will give your students the momentum to get through their entire day — ultimately those days lead to lasting life-change.

When you download this resource, you will receive an eBook that includes 21 devotionals on each chapter of John created specifically for teens. You can use these as mini-devotionals to post to your Instagram, one bundle to give out as a spiritual growth resource, 21 different blog posts, or you can use it within your own quiet time. It’s completely up to you what you do with it! If you would like any supporting resources or would just like to talk to one of our CIRCLES coaches, feel free to reach out to us using