Free Psalms Devotional: Psalms 1-7

Here is a free Psalms devotional for your students!

Don’t you love power ballads? You know the song, right? It’s the kind of song that makes the whole crowd put their phones in the air while swaying together. Ballads resonate with people because they deal with love, heartbreak, and uncertainty.

The book of Psalms is made up of ancient power ballads.
The largest book in the Bible is packed full of emotional prayers, songs, and poems. They draw readers in like a power ballad, speaking to what it means to be human.

The Psalms are full of real-life struggles. There’s doubt, love, fear, joy, vengeance, celebration, anxiety, heartbreak, and hope. Some of these works are written from rock bottom, but the author’s [almost] always lie flat on their back — looking up toward heaven.


— A seven-day devotional on Psalms 1-7
— An editable copy of this devotional, if you want to edit it for an event or DNOW

This devotional is perfect for personal study, youth ministry, DNOW, youth group, youth retreats, or social media.

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