Have you ever heard of “Christmas Creep?” That’s what the scrooges of the world now call it when we get in the Christmas spirit “too soon.” I understand where they’re coming from. Black Friday Christmas sales start before Thanksgiving pie is even served. The Hallmark channel starts playing Christmas movies at the end of October. Hobby Lobby shamelessly begins dedicating aisles to Christmas decor in July! But is it ever really too soon to begin celebrating Jesus’s birthday?

Here is the official FMR Christmas Creep resource for your church: The Complete Christmas Checklist. It may seem early. Thanksgiving isn’t even here yet! But Christmas is one of the most important times of the year in ministry and we want to help you reach more people with the gospel message through early prayer and preparation.

When you download this resource you will receive:
-Proposed timeline for planning your Christmas event
-Communications strategies to boost engagement in your church
-Promotional strategies to invite more people from your community