Colossians Graphics (Free)

Here are some free Colossians graphics that we made for your church! This graphics bundle highlights different thoughts, concepts, verses, and life-lessons from Paul’s letter to the Colossians.


These free social media graphics are part of our CIRCLES small group curriculum designed to help students grow closer to God and each other. Since we created 8 Colossians graphics to help students study Paul’s letter to the Colossians, we wanted to make them available for you too!

Paul wrote the letter of Colossians to help young believers make sense of their newly-found faith. When Paul was discipling and developing this new church in the Roman Empire, he started with the basics. Paul focused on the most important question to the Christian faith. Who is Jesus?

This is a question that people have wrestled with for the last couple of thousand years. Some people suggest that He was merely a peacemaking prophet. Some would say He was a brilliant teacher with misguided followers. Unfortunately, some would say he was a lunatic and a liar. Regardless of who you think Jesus was, He’s the most significant human ever to exist. His birth literally changed the calendar from BC to AD.

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These free Colossians graphics are all yours to use. Thus, you can post them, share them, or even use them on your projection slides. No credit needed. There is no watermark. We don’t hide any fine print. Feel free to use one or all of these graphics, so you look like a social media ninja without even opening photoshop or canva.

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