How to Pull off a Perfect Color War Event


Let’s Talk About Disney World
Have you ever found yourself confused by people’s behavior? As the sun was setting on a recent trip to Disney, I noticed a long line forming just outside the exit of the park. Naturally, I assumed it was a line for pretzels, a ride, or a man in a mouse costume. I was confused when I realized this line leads to a purple wall. That’s it. Literally just a wall with zig-zagged lines and dots.

People were waiting in line to pose in front of this wall, throw up a peace sign, and snap a photo for Instagram. After further investigation, I noticed that the purple wall was extremely popular — it has its own official location on Instagram with hundreds of thousands of photos — it’s a viral sensation.

We live in a world where people will wait in a long line to take a selfie with a wall. There are museums that solely exist for people to take creative Instagram photos. Recent research suggests that over half of young travelers say that “Instagram-ability” is very important to them when picking a vacation destination. Simply put, people now think of experiences in the context of their Instagram grid.

We found the same true in our youth ministry too. Students got excited about things that were fun to share online — whether a goofy game they could post to their stories, photo-booths at a Christmas party, or a color war event full of vivid selfies. I have seen tremendous success with the later in my ministry career. Our Color Wars events have always been our most well-attended activity of the entire year — at least 3x the normal large group attendance every time.

That is why we created this resource to help you pull off the perfect color war with your student ministry. When you download this bundle, you will receive:
— An eBook ready to help you pull off the perfect event.
— Practical Tips & Tricks.
— Three graphics bundles you can use to promote your color war on social media, screens, and website headers. All graphics come in 16×9, 1×1, and 9×16.