Church Should be Fun: Download Two Free Games!

Middle school and high school are usually awkward. Communicating with these students at youth group… can unfortunately be just. as. awkward. Great intentions to lead students into deeper relationships with Jesus can feel completely undermined by shallow yes/no answers and personal disconnects. So how can youth pastors and leaders break through these barriers and bond with their students?
One simple suggestion: play games together!

For Ministry Resources has created a digital youth game package that is now available for free download!
The bundle includes two complete games with detailed instructions, instructional videos, graphics for promotion, and a slide show. Both games are inexpensive (even by youth group budget standards!) and easy to plan. Most importantly, they are fun and easy to execute.

Download these templates and have fun with it! After all, “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones” (Proverbs 17:22 NIV).

People may question youth ministry for its emphasis on games and fun. But church should be fun — especially youth group! Fun is the perfect catalyst for forming community. Games are about so much more than killing time or entertaining students; they should serve as a key element of your student ministry strategy.

Playing games can benefit your youth ministry in 3 ways:

1. Bond
Have you ever been at an intense game where you find yourself hugging a complete stranger? Never underestimate the power of competition to bring people together! The student who didn’t seem interested in talking to you at first might become more comfortable opening up when you’re on the same team or cheering together! Playing games alongside students gives you the chance to bond and get to know each other in an approachable environment.

2. Break Barriers
Playing games with students opens up the lines of communication. Not every student sits down and intently listens to everything a stranger has to say about Jesus. And some students aren’t comfortable in a one-on-one conversation with an adult. But leading games gives you the opportunity to get a student’s attention! When you are able to laugh with a student and relate over the shared experience of a funny, memorable moment — you break down a barrier. Fun can act as the first step towards a spiritual connection.

3. Build Relationships
Games lead to shared connections. Shared connections lead to relationships. And relationships lead to influence. Once you personally connect with a student, you have the opportunity to genuinely communicate with them. Everything that you do and say becomes more influential and you will have a stronger platform for sharing the love and good news of Jesus with your students.

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