Free Church Connect Cards

Free Church Connect Cards

Here are three ready-to-print church connect cards!

We all love the moment a new student walks through the doors of our church for the very first time. Whether they were invited by a friend, forced into youth group by their parents, or showed up because someone mentioned free food, God brought them to your ministry for a reason. Now it’s time to connect with them!

That’s why we created these free church connect cards! Simply download, print, and pass out these connect cards to gather the information you need to begin developing a relationship with your new student.

Recently, I was talking to a pastor at a massive multicampus church. She said that they’ve tried to collect information in all kinds of ways. They’ve tried texting, QR codes, and even iPad kiosks. Apparently, nothing was more successful than old-fashioned pen and paper. That’s why we believe every ministry needs a connect card!

When you download this free church connect card bundle, you will receive:

  • Three ready-to-pass out connect cards both front and back.
  • Photoshop files for customizing these connect cards on your own.
  • A suggested follow-up sequence that we used in parallel with these connect cards.

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