Easy Youth Game: Birdbox Challenge

Here is a quick youth game that you can organize with minimal prep!

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Birdbox challenge that’s been taking over social media. We posted a video shouting out an amazing church who played this with their young adults group — encouraging people to make a sandwich blindfolded. It was hilarious and borderline genius.

Our team went back and forth and came up with some ideas for playing the Birdbox Challenge with your group!
They’re all really easy to put together.
— PB&J: Have students put on a blind fold and make a PB&J sandwich.
— Race: Have a few students race a short distance blindfolded. (Only do this in a safe place — like a soccer field.)
— Cereal: Encourage your students to make a bowl of cereal while blind folded. (Have some things other than milk on the table — like a jug of Orange Juice.)
— Shoes: Have students find and put on their shoes while blindfolded.
— Text: Instruct students to type a specific text while blindfolded (you can even ask them to type it and send it).

The Birdbox Challenge youth game graphics

We made a few graphics for you to promote this game on social media or project onto the screen during game time. If you play this youth game in your ministry, you can download the free graphics by clicking on the button below.

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