Free Student Growth Track Curriculum

Do you need a growth track to use in your youth ministry? This growth track curriculum comes with everything you need to help your students grow.


Could you imagine if you actually had a summer break as an adult? Three whole months with no responsibilities or expectations placed upon you. What would you choose to do with all that time? Travel the nation? Write a book? Flip your house? Watch every movie you can think of? This is the same question we should pose to our students this summer. What do you want to do with your summer break? Most of the time the answer is bleak — Netflix, sleeping, and general boredom.

Summer is usually a strange stage in student ministry. We often shift our emphasis to a more event-driven model of ministry. It makes sense. Getting students to show up seems harder amid vacations, camps, and the general chill-summer mindset is downright challenging. So, how do we help our students seize this season?

As leaders, we should encourage our students to not waste their summers.

This is why our group implemented a summer discipleship program by that exact name. We didn’t use summer to shift down, we actually shifted up a few notches. We encouraged students to commit to reading scripture and praying every day while attending weekly Don’t Waste Your Summer small group sessions where we worked through a growth track specifically designed for teenagers.


Seize the summer season! Implement the Don’t Waste Your Summer growth track in your student ministry.

Session 1: The Gospel
Session 2: The Bible
Session 3: Community
Session 4: Prayer
Session 5: Serving
Session 6: Finding Your Purpose

These sessions will encourage your students to know God better, pray more, read scripture, serve people, and discover the importance of faith-filled community. The summer concludes with an interactive workshop that helps individuals examine their values, gifts, and experiences — culminating in a purpose statement for the following year. All of this is designed to help your students learn to love God, love people, and live out their purpose.

Today you can download two Don’t Waste Your Summer PDF booklets using the link below — one is full-text and the other is fill-in-the-blank. Furthermore, you can download a massive graphics bundle as well! You will get PSD graphic, Instagram story graphics, screen graphics, and over a dozen social media graphics you can use to reinforce this content with your students.

When you download the Student Growth Track today, you will get:

— Two ready-to-use handbooks to help your students work through the discipleship program.
— Discussion questions for each session.
— A massive graphics bundle with all production and promotion images you’ll need.
— Over a dozen social-share graphics you can use to engage your students with this content throughout the week.
— Six small-group facilitation guides to help you put the message into motion.

** If you want access to more graphics, an Apple Pages version, a Word document, or Plain Text version of this handout for you to edit yourself, then you can subscribe to our library — you will get access to that full graphics bundle and hundreds of other free resources.

This is so much more than a resource, this is a full-fledged growth track for your students. Our team really believes in this content, so we want to help you make this resource even better for you. Every week starting June 13th, we are going to post teaching tips with simple teaching notes & small group resources for each section of Don’t Waste Your Summer on our Instagram & blog, so be sure to check back to help you teach this content better!