Free Devotional for Students: 1 John

We love saying “love.” Don’t we?

I have a bad tendency of saying the word “love” far too much. I love fall. I love tacos. I love it when I wake up a few hours before my alarm, knowing that I get bonus sleep. I love egg-rolls. I love my family. I love my wife. Don’t you see how I am using the same word for a wide spectrum of situations? In no way, shape or form is the love I have for my wife the same as the love I have for bonus sleep, but that didn’t stop me from saying it.

Saying “love” and showing love are completely different. “Love” is vapid (empty) if it’s not backed up by action. The same is true in both relationships with people and God. We must do more than just say we care about people, we must show it. We must do more than say we love God, we must show it.

1 John is all about love in action. Your actions reveal your affections. God has called you to love those around you and love Him. This five-day devotional is designed to help students unlock the life-changing potential of authentic love — both for God and others.

When you download this resource, you will receive an eBook that includes five devotionals on each chapter of 1 John created specifically for teens. You can use these as mini-devotionals to post on your Instagram, one bundle to give out as a spiritual growth resource, five different blog posts, or you can use it within your own quiet time.

It’s completely up to you what you do with it! If you would like any supporting resources or if you’d like to talk to one of our CIRCLES coaches, feel free to reach out to us using