Free Youth Series on Ruth

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This free 2-part youth series unpacks the story of Ruth to teach us about godly love and character.

When flipping through your Bible’s table of contents, you’ll find a love story on the list. It’s called Ruth. Ruth lived a quiet life, unaware that her story would one day end up in the Bible. Look at us right now. Modern Christians are still dissecting her every choice, applauding her sacrificial love, and naming their children after her. 

As we journey through the book of Ruth, let’s zoom out to see beyond the individual circumstances and gain a greater understanding of the character and nature of our loving and gracious God. This book may seem like a simple love story about a foreign woman and her mother-in-law. However, there is so much more going on here. When we enlarge our view, we see the intricate details of God’s plan for redemption and restoration.


Sermon Series: This 2-part sermon series unpacks the story of Ruth to teach us about godly love and character.

Small-Group Guides: This 2-part Bible study guide can be used in conjunction with the sermon series or as three stand-alone small groups.

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Ruth Sermon Series
Ruth Bible Study

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