Leadership Graphics: The Life of Peter

leadership graphics

Here are leadership graphics for your social media accounts. Within this bundle, there are seven social media graphics highlighting different applicational principles from the life of Peter.

Why did we make these leadership graphics?

These leadership graphics were created to reinforce a free Life of Peter Bible Study & small group discussion that we wrote for students. Click here to view the whole collection of these studies here.

One of Jesus’s disciples was labeled as average. People described him as an “uneducated, common man” in Acts 4:13. (Harsh, right?) His name was Peter, and he was a middle-class fisherman from Galilee. He didn’t come from a family with status. Honestly, no one had great expectations for him. Peter wasn’t ambitiously pursuing a job with authority. His life was simple, and he was just an average guy. Then, he met Jesus.

Peter becomes one of Jesus’s twelve disciples. He followed Jesus wherever he went. Throughout the New Testament, we see Peter grow into one of the best-known leaders of all time. He may have been inexperienced and uneducated, but his boldness brings a breakthrough. Jesus chooses Peter to lead, not because he is the most qualified, but because he is was so willing.

Jesus is calling you for leadership, too. So, no matter where you come from, what you’ve experienced, or what others expect you to accomplish, you are a leader in God’s eyes. It’s my hope that you will also see yourself as a bold, powerful leader as you study the life of Peter and watch him process doubts, overcome struggles, and defeat anxiety as he develops into a leader who changes the world.

What can I do with these leadership graphics?

These leadership graphics are all yours. Feel free to use them however you would like. You can post them, share them, or even print them onto an ice-cream cake. No credit needed. There is no watermark. We don’t hide any fine print. Feel free to use one or all of these graphics, so you look like a social media ninja without even opening photoshop or canva.