Free Youth Ministry Instagram Graphics: Freedom

Youth Ministry Instagram Graphics

Here are some modern youth ministry Instagram graphics that were made for your church. This bundle has more than twenty social media graphics highlighting different thoughts, concepts, verses, and life-lessons about finding freedom in Christ.

Why did we make these youth ministry Instagram graphics about freedom?

These graphics are part of our CIRCLES small group curriculum designed to help students find freedom in Christ.

We all fight for freedom. We find ourselves working hard, running toward the next checkpoint, dreaming of the next season of life, or counting the days until our next big move. Then, we are all faced with a conundrum. Why is the freedom I encountered different from the freedom that I craved?

Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

This short verse gives us the keys to freedom. Jesus doesn’t offer freedom by following some complex plan, fighting a war, or writing up a declaration. Freedom comes from the truth. “Truth” in this section of Scripture directly refers to the source of all truth, Jesus himself. So, Christ is saying that knowing Him means knowing freedom. You don’t have to fight for it, hustle for it, or deliver a speech on emancipation. You experience freedom when you encounter Jesus.


Let’s talk about CIRCLES.

These graphics on freedom were created to reinforce CIRCLES — a free Bible study & small group curriculum created just for students.

The Finding Freedom CIRCLES bundle includes:
— 4 practical devotionals about finding freedom
— 4 small group discussion guides to help you unpack the devotionals in a group
— 15 graphics to reinforce the CIRCLES messages on social media
— 4 Bible reading plans to enhance your personal Bible study
— A 6-day Bible study on Galatians that focuses on freedom in Christ
— 6 graphics to reinforce each day of the Galatians Bible study content on social media

Subscribing to CIRCLES is free and gives you full access to this free bundle and others just like it. Click here to learn more or subscribe to CIRCLES.

If you would like more social media graphics, check out our resource library. If you are looking for other Bible study or small group resources, check out our free blog.