Everything has changed, but our mission stays the same.

The recent COVID-19 outbreak has sent shockwaves around the world of student ministry. We are having to adjust like never before. We’re cultivating community using webcams and developing discipleship digitally. It’s been a lot to process, but your resilience has been proven. We are seeing great leadership emerging from this grim situation — youth workers leading the charge. When all is said and done, this will make us better pastors, more capable of reaching more students exactly where they are.

However, there is a two-ton elephant in the room — most of our budgets have been frozen or cut.

This means that you’re having to contemplate or cancel some of the key programs you’ve planned. This is where we want to help. We have started a grant program specifically designed to help youth leaders execute an evangelistic event in their communities. We know that these events can be a major catalyst for life-change within your city, so we want to help. We understand that it’s hard to do a big event with a small budget. Thus, we want to help.

We closely oversee a ministry called Reset Student Movement that focuses on short events that make a lasting impact. It’s built on the proven principle that amazing things happen when churches come together — united in the name of Jesus. Communities that hold Reset events invite local youth groups to gather for a high-energy, high-impact night designed to help students reset their relationships with Christ to spark change in every youth group, family, school and beyond. We want to invite you to join the movement by bringing Reset to your region. When you sign up for this program, you get three things from us.

1. Financing We believe that Reset events are a worthwhile investment that have ripple effects into eternity. That is why we want to empower you financially to make this event high-quality and high-impact. When you apply for partnership, we will provide you free Reset Resources and a grant up to $2,500.
2. Planning We will provide you with all the tools your team needs to knock this event out of the park. From a task timeline to a Reset Event Coordinator flying to your city to help the event go off without a glitch, we will give your team the confidence you need to execute a life-changing event for the students in your community.
3. Coaching Our team that launched Reset and began its expansion to other cities will guide you every step of the way. A Reset coach is ready to serve you, work with you, pray with you, and cheer for you. From volunteer training to pizza math to sermon development, someone from our team is ready to empower your every step of this exciting journey.

If you are ready to invest in the students of your city, then we are ready to invest in you. We simply ask that you follow the Reset model, get other ministries involved, and emphasize evangelism at your event. If you feel like you’re ready to bring Reset to your city, use the button below to start your application for the Reset Grant. We cannot wait to talk to you!

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