Titus Graphics for Your Church (Free)

Titus Graphics

Here are some modern Titus graphics for your church social media accounts. Within this bundle, there are seven social media graphics highlighting different applicational principles from the book of Titus.

Why did we make these Titus graphics?

These Titus graphics were created to reinforce a free Titus Devotional that we wrote for students. Click here to view the devotional on the book of Titus that coincides with these graphics.

The Book of Titus can serve as a letter to all leaders. Titus is a personal exchange between the Apostle Paul and his friend Titus. These two traveled together during some of Paul’s first missionary journeys, Now, Paul is mentoring Titus as Titus starts a new ministry.

This Titus devotional helps us understand that everyone is a leader. Titus leads thousands in his ministry, so Paul spends much of his writing giving leadership advice. You may not be starting a church in ancient Europe, but you are certainly leading somewhere in your life.

You can pair this Titus graphics bundle with the Titus devotional to create an online study for your students to work through together. We created this free Titus Devotional to help students read the full Book of Titus while giving them practical principles to help them make a difference for Jesus.

What can I do with these Titus graphics?

These Titus graphics are all yours to use — you can post them, share them, or even print them onto an ice-cream cake. No credit needed. There is no watermark. We don’t hide any fine print. Feel free to use one or all of these graphics, so you look like a social media ninja without even opening photoshop or canva.