Three Small Group Tips

We believe small groups have a big impact, but it’s crucial to know how to host one well. Here Are Three Small Group Facilitation Tips

Plan well. People can sense when you are not prepared. This communicates to your group that you do not value their time. Once this has been communicated, then healthy group discussion will be an uphill battle. Thus, you need to plan your group sessions meticulously well. Even if you think you will remember it — write it down. Even if you think they can just use their phones — print it out. Even if you’re meeting at 2PM — have some refreshments.⁣

Plan well, but react & respond better. Don’t get stuck in the “we need to get through the questions” hustle. If valuable discussion is flowing from the first or second question, then talk that out as long as it flows. If people are really connecting with a topic, that means God is trying to do something there. Don’t let your plan trump their process. Groups that go off-script are often the ones that had the most impact. ⁣

Listen, don’t just wait to speak. Don’t plan your next question or statement while people are sharing, actually listen. Let responses direct the discussion. Strive to be an active listener that responds a lot and lectures a little. Make eye contact. Rephrase or repeat what you’ve heard. Ask relevant questions. Be present. ⁣

We have created a small group curriculum for your youth ministry! It is completely free — the content, the coaching, and even the materials we send you. It’s all pro-bono. We do this, because we want to help you win. Please let us know that you want to start circles up in your ministry! We believe that giving students the tools to run their own groups will help you change your city and grow your influence in the community. Big change happens in small groups.
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