Three Ideas for Your Christmas Series

Christmas is an amazing opportunity to present the gospel to many fresh faces.

New families will venture through your doors this holiday season. It’s crucial that you see the miraculous potential for changed lives this season. Fight the urge just to dust off the usual Christmas sermon you’ve been preaching since George Bush Sr was in office.

As pastors, we experience a challenge around the holidays. Many of us have preached countless Christmas sermons and struggle to see this sermon with fresh eyes. It can be difficult to present your Christmas teaching in an exciting way, as you are dealing with the most familiar stories in the Bible. How do we preach this timeless truth with a modern perspective?

Here are a few ideas from our team:

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Basic Topic: Using Popular Christmas Carols as a Launching Point for Biblical Truth
Possible Titles: Carols, Christmas Carols, The Songs We Sing, Songs of the Season

Sample Month-Long Outline:
– O Come, O Come Emmanuel: Waiting on a Miracle
– Silent Night: What to Do When God Seems Silent / Finding Faith During the Holiday Season
– Joy to the World: Joy Amid Chaos
– Away in a Manger: From Manger to Majesty
– We Three Kings OR Come Let Us Adore Hime (Lessons from the Wise Men)



Basic Topic: Working Through the Story of Advent Calendar
Possible Titles: Advent-ually, Advent, The Christmas Story

Sample Month-Long Outline
– God’s Promises Take Patience (Discuss Waiting on God’s Promises)
– Preparing the Way (The Words & Message of John the Baptist)
– Obedience is Hard OR The Difference in Happiness and Joy (Story of Joseph)
– We Three Kings OR Wisdom from the Wise Men OR Come Let Us Adore Him (Lessons from the Wise Men)
– Thrill of Hope: His Name is the Hope of the World



Basic Topic: The strange appearances in the geneology of Christ provide us with hope that God bring a miracle from anyting — even a disfunctional family.
Possible Titles: Awkward Family Christmas, Home for the Holidays, Grinched

Sample Month-Long Outline
– Reason for the Season: Introduction to Some Unsavory Characters in the Family Tree of Jesus
– Skeletons in the Closet: The Story of Judah
– The Best is Yet to Come: Story of Ruth OR A Miracle Coming From a Mess OR When God Seems Silent
– How a Harlot Saved Christmas: The Story of Rahab

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