Twelve Terrific Takeaways from That Church Summit

That Church Summit was amazing. The free event was full of game-changing wisdom, practical takeaways, and creative concepts all geared towards maximizing your ministry. We are so thankful for Justin Dean and his vision for this organization. We were blessed to be a part of it!

Here are twelve of our favorite quotes from the three day conference! (The ones we were able to watch, at least!)

“You must show (not tell) people what it is like to come to your church on Sunday.” – Kenny Jahng

“When creating a ministry persona, be true to who you ARE as a church — not who you WANT to be.” – Holly Tate

“You must shift your perspective, see your inside ministries as clients. What do you do with client relationships? You nurture them.” -Evan McBroom

“Promoting events requires a slow build, whereas promoting a sermon series is like taking off a fighter jet.” – Justin Trapp

“If you’re going to communicate outside (the church) you must communicate inside (your organization).” – Andrew Burchfield

“If TED talks are under 18 minutes, why are your sermons 40 minutes?”

“Marketing in church is important because we have the most important message to share. We are not selling footwear or clothes we are sharing a message of hope.” Meagan Ranson

“People want your candor not your polish; they want authenticity.” – Seth Muse

“Feedback after a message makes the preacher FEEL better. Input before the message makes the preacher PREACH better.” – Ben Stapley

“Consistency builds trust and trust fuels word of mouth.” – Adam McLaughlin

“Your website needs to be a relatable and reliable resource for your people.” – Justin Nava
Check out his summit-exclusive resource here!

“Use social media to grow your people, not just your population.” – Jackson Garrell
Check out my PDF worksheet from the Summit!

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