Stop Growing Your Church

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Let’s Talk About Plants

I got married this year.

Something strange happened within me – something I had never felt before. I developed a weird paternal craving. I desperately needed to take care of something. Since kids are not on my radar and pets aren’t allowed in my building, I took the only logical step — I purchased a houseplant.
Then I got another houseplant.
Then I got a few more.

It got to the point where my wife would come home and immediately look for our newest plant. I just fell in love with houseplants to the point where I became some kind of crazy plant hoarder.

Something terrible happened in November. I noticed one of my plant-children was turning wrinkled, dry, and brown. This was the first plant I bought — a beautiful fern.

My fern was dead. I killed him.

I was so obsessed with collecting all these neat new plants, I forgot about developing the growth of my fern. This plant wasn’t watered, wasn’t pruned, and wasn’t given space to grow. So he it died.

Let’s Talk About Churches

I work for an agency that empowers churches to grow and tell their story to a larger audience. We help ministries make beautiful websites, put on large-scale events, and put strategic systems in place to grow their churches.

I adore helping churches change, but my heart is to see people change.

There is a tragic trend in today’s church — even more tragic than my deceased fern (RIP).
We have focused on growing our population more than growing our people.

It’s great if you can increase numbers, but what are you doing to increase life change?

It’s fine to enhance your worship service with flashing lights, fog machines, lasers, and even a bubble machine.
But the goal needs to be seeing people impacted on a personal level.

If I have learned one thing, it is this: Numbers don’t mean as much as we think. (Yes. I have heard that cliche Perry Nobel quote.)

Don’t just grow your church — grow your people.

Our team creates a monthly digital discipleship curriculum called CIRCLES to help youth pastors grow their people. CIRCLES is a free small group resource that releases a new four-part discussion guide, devotional eBook, and supporting graphics to reinforce the content on social media every month. Subscribe for free access to the CIRCLES hub today so you can help your students grow closer to God and each other!

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Jackson Garrell

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Jackson is a pastor, designer, and cheese enthusiast. He lives in New York with his wife and several dozen plants. When he is not building websites, consulting churches, or pastoring, you will probably find him trying to create the perfect omelette.

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