My Letter to Pastors During COVID-19

The church world was hit with a wave of confusion and chaos this week. I feel like uncertainty is our only certainty right now. We aren’t gathering with our students, we probably won’t get to celebrate Easter in our buildings, we are concerned for the safety of our community, and we don’t know when this thing is going to end. Uncertainty is not the enemy though.

While my heart aches for the world, it’s been blessed to see so much hope coming from the Church. I am so impressed with each and every one of you. You were hit with a big problem, but you produced bigger solutions. Your creativity, agility, and imagination has been unprecedented.

I have seen so many of you rise above and prove your resilience. Some of you are pulling off live streams for the first time. Some of you have found creative ways to engage your community. Some of you have served your city in a capacity you’ve never considered.

Here are three things I want you to prioritize this week:

Get some rest.
You don’t just deserve it, you need it. Take some time to rest and reset. I know it seems near impossible, but get away from the screens and spend some offline time with God. Take a walk, sit around a little bonfire, laugh with your family, and take some time to press pause.

Celebrate your achievements.
You did it! I am sure some things weren’t perfect, but don’t let those little details derail you. God appointed you to lead at this time and you crushed it.

Keep working together.
People have been embracing their fellow church-leaders like never before. We are sharing ideas, giving away content, and unapologetically inviting people to steal our strategy. Keep it up. We are all on the same team! This unshakable unity is going to have ripple effects across eternity.

If you haven’t heard it from anyone else, I just want to say THANK YOU. You’re doing ministry amid madness and it’s changing the world.

— Jackson Garrell