FREE GAME: Emoji Christmas Songs

There is one catch though — these horses were slow. Like one horse power per horse. Thus, we spent a lot of time between houses, trotting neighborhood to neighborhood. To … Read More

Three Hidden Struggles Teens Face Online

A high-impact Youth Ministry is built on the foundation of practical teaching, intentional community, outside-of-group discipleship…..and awkward meetings. Youth leaders have so many awkward meetings — it’s crazy. These situations … Read More

Free Small Group Graphics

These graphics are all yours to use — you can post them, change them, share them, or even print them on an ice cream cake. No credit needed. No watermark. … Read More

Three Small Group Tips

Jackson is a pastor, designer, and cheese enthusiast. He lives in New York with his wife and several dozen plants. When he is not building websites, consulting churches, or pastoring, … Read More

Free Small Group Resource Bundle

small group resource

We put together this small group resource bundle to help you build a healthy small group culture — promoting, communicating, and organizing well! Small groups have a big impact. They’re … Read More