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We will put a team of professionals together to run and manage your church’s online presence.

We do not expect your church to hire a full-time web-designer and marketing expert to your staff. And why would you have to? We will take care of all that for you — for free. ForMinistryResources recognizes that many churches today don’t have the time or staff available to manage the demands of keeping up a digital presence on the internet.  We have put together an offering that will allow you to take that burden off your staff and let us manage it for you.  Our team can:

  • Help create and maintain your website
  • Create and manage your Social Media presence
  • Assist in the management of church membership
  • Help attract new members

Utilizing our team of talented digital media experts we will see to it that your digital presence is up-to-date.  One of the first places your church gets recognized is on the internet.  If your website, Facebook pages or church calendar is out of date members, visitors and potential members are quick to form a negative opinion.  Utilizing tools we are familiar with we will make sure your first impression is a lasting one.