Join us at Reset Remote: A Digital Youth Event!

My name is Jackson, Creative Director of For Ministry Resources, and I am officially inviting you to a fully online youth event called Reset Remote!

From April 15th-19th, we will be working with parter youth pastors like you to bring our entire network of youth groups together for five days of fun, community, interactive games, student-led worship, applicable sermons and small group break out sessions — all live streamed from the safety of our homes!

As we cancel in-person events and youth gatherings due to COVID-19, we want to ensure that social distancing is not leading to social isolation for our students.

Email me at for more information!
Reset is an evangelistic youth event that invites local youth groups to come together with the common goal of helping students grow closer to Jesus and each other.

It started when two churches in central NY decided to combine their groups for a big back to school party. They basically divided it all in half — responsibilities, resources, and programming. They split it down the middle and said, “We are doing this together.” Team work makes the dream work, right? That year, they felt an excitement in their groups that they hadn’t in years, which ultimately taught them something — unity cultivates energy.

This past September, we saw 25 churches and more than 500 students attend that same Reset Back to School Party!
Reset events bring churches together to glorify God as the unified body of Christ.
Reset events bring youth pastors together to encourage each other in ministry.
Reset events bring students together to make every teenager feel included, known and loved.
Reset events brings energy and unity into a community that sparks a movement for Jesus in local youth groups, schools and beyond.

1. You can shift you focus fully back to pastoring students through this difficult time. ⁠
Instead of being the pastor, IT guy, camera man, social media manager and speaker all from your new FB Live home studio, you can enjoy an event that will take care of all that extra stuff. Reset Remote is making it simple for you to hold a high-quality, high-impact event for your students. You can follow it up with your own break out sessions to get to the heart of what’s going on and speak the Word into these times of uncertainty. ⁠

2. You can gain momentum for your online ministry. ⁠
Students are already facing the disappointment of their schools closing early. We don’t want to see their youth groups end early before summer break too. Reset Remote can bring momentum into your digital engagement with your students. Use this event to launch your new way of doing digital discipleship as a youth group. ⁠

3. It’s fun. ⁠
We will be playing interactive games, giving away tons of prizes (T-shirt and e-Gift Cards to all our student’s favorite places), and giving students the opportunity to ask questions and seek your guidance during this difficult season. ⁠

4. It’s relevant. ⁠
These unprecedented times require unprecedented action. Let’s work together to reach our students exactly where they are — online. They need encouragement in faith right now, and they also need to feel connected. They need to know they are part of a community that cares about them. They need to know that even though they may be alone, we will all be alone together.
The main sessions of Reset Remote will be streamed on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday nights to coincide with the most popular nights for youth groups gatherings. You can simply share the YouTube Live link and explain that you will be tuning into Reset Remote for 25 minutes before going into a Zoom Room to talk about it!

The full schedule is as follows:
4/15: 7:30-7:55pm NIGHT 1 on YouTube Live; 7:55pm Zoom Break Outs
4/16: 7:30-7:50 GAME NIGHT (with prizes!)
4/17: 7:30-7:55pm NIGHT 2 on YouTube Live; 7:55pm Zoom Break Outs
4/18: 7:30-7:50 Q&A
4/19: 7:30-7:55pm NIGHT 3 on YouTube Live; 7:55pm Zoom Break Outs

While this event will be streaming live and our interactions with students will occur in real time, nearly all of the event will be recorded ahead of time to prevent technical difficulties. If you are interested in inviting your students to Reset Remote, but need more information or wish to preview the content, please reach out to me at . I’d be happy to talk to you about the event in detail, provide the minute-by-minute rundown, offer you the chance to be involved in production and offer you a preview of the content as we put it together.
Send me an email at and I would love to talk more about Reset Remote!