We exist to help churches gain and retain members. These resources exist to empower you to do just that.

Everyone in your city is at one level in their spiritual development. As churches, we tend to only focus on one of two spiritual levels. We often work really hard to get people to visit our church or we spend all of our resources to focus on the people we already have. We must not be a church that is near-sighted with the systems we place in our church. We are called to be fishers of men, not just keepers of an aquarium.

We have developed an assimilation strategy that is built around helping your church increasein size and impact your city.
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  • Dying

    We do not sugar-coat our message. Many of the people in your city are dead in their sin. It is our mission to point them to new life in Christ.

  • Visiting

    Once the word has gotten out about your church, people are bound to visit. It is crucial that we stimulate their involvement without smothering them.

  • Attending

    You can only be a visitor so long. After a person has visited 3-6 times, we consider them “attending.” This is one of the most crucial stages, as the vast majority of people stay here.

  • Serving

    Church is not designed to be a spectator sport. Learn how to take someone from attending to serving.

  • Contributing

    Christianity is about so much more than attending church. We must take people from serving to contributing to the mission of the church — taking ownership over their role in the community.

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From Visiting to Attending