Youth Ministry Fundraising Ideas During Social Distancing

Fundraising can be frustrating.

However frustrating it may be, fundraising is also essential to our roles as Youth Leaders. From mission trips to summer camps to the overall budget, fundraising and youth ministry are inseparable.

I am sure you’ve done the baked goods, garage sales, wall of envelopes, and just flat-out begged people for money. All of these things are great, but what does fundraising look like in a season of social distancing?

Here are three youth ministry fundraising ideas that require no crowds, gatherings, or snickerdoodles.

Design and Drop A Clothing Line
Youth ministry and custom merchandise go together like red-rover and elbow injuries. Design some custom gear and deploy your students as a salesforce. If you want little-to-no overhead, you can work with a drop-shipping company like Tee-spring or Printful. These business allow you to set the margin on your product, sell the shirts on their online store, and they take care of the printing and shipping. You just get a check in the mail.

Prefer to support local? You can work up a partnership with a local print shop. They will certainly have a lower cost-per-unit, but you’ll likely have to buy all the shirts in bulk. You’ll make more money this way, but you may have to work with inventory, do the sales yourself, set up your online store, and do your own deliveries.

Sell Some Coffee
Who doesn’t love coffee? We leverage this program at our church to support our missionaries and people love it. Partner up with a local coffee roaster to buy beans in bulk. Separate the beans into 10 ounce bags and sell it at a markup. Stamp a branded label on the bag that gives information about the coffee (like tasting notes and country of origin) while also sharing information about your cause.

Match Their Gifts
Sometimes the most effective youth ministry fundraising idea is just a well-executed pledge drive. We aren’t talking about fifteen-day K-Love style drives. Rather, a strategic push that shows people the purpose behind their generosity. People want their gift to go the furthest, so attach your giving goal to a matching gift. Even if the matching comes from the budget, knowing that your donation carries 100% interest goes a long way.

We hope these youth ministry fundraising ideas are helpful to your ministry! If you’re looking for more youth ministry fundraising ideas, check out these Three Fundraising Bundles.