Who doesn’t love to hear a good story? They can make us laugh until our sides hurt, cry into our pillows, yell at inanimate objects, or even spring into action.

From the movies we stream to the short clips we share online, we are constantly consuming stories. We are also constantly creating stories. This series is all about helping students live a life that ultimately brings God glory. In a culture where we are obsessed with seven-second videos, it’s powerful to help students see their individual lives as part of a much bigger plan.

“Your Story ” is a three-week sermon series covering:
Week 1: How to Write a Better Story
Week 2: How to Share Your Story
Week 3: How to Control Conflict in Your Story

When you download this bundle, you will receive:
— Full sermon notes
— Branded handouts
— Series graphics bundle
— Social media graphics to help you promote the series while encouraging students throughout the week