Digital Discipleship Resources for Youth (During COVID-19)

Digital Discipleship Resources
Do you need some digital discipleship resources for youth?

I think every youth pastor is thinking the same thing as coronavirus precautionary measures get more serious: “The World Health Organization recommendations go against everything I usually do in youth ministry.”
We shouldn’t gather in groups of more than 10 people.
Don’t travel to camp or go on missions trips.
We should keep at least six feet between us.
Wash your hands thoroughly and regularly.

Student ministry is fueled by large-scale events, social gatherings, and hands-on games that no amount of hand sanitizer could cleanse.

So how do you digitally disciple your students?

God has called you to do so much more than host successful youth events. You have been entrusted with discipling students and helping them grow closer to God and His Church. This pandemic can limit your gatherings, but nothing can limit your growth. Use this time to connect with students and their families in a personal way. Show them the love and care of Christ during these uncertain and stressful times. This is an opportunity to relationally connect with your students in a personal and impactful way.

Focus on Digital Discipleship Resources

We are here to help you continue your mission of leading students to Christ. We have pulled all the passwords off our free digital discipleship resource library, making it readily available for all youth leaders to access. This hub includes Bible studies, devotionals and social share graphics that will empower you to continue working through curriculum with your students and discussing the content on social media and other online platforms.

  • 12 Bible Study Devotionals totaling more than 120 days worth of daily devotionals written just for teens.
  • Over 70 topical small group devotionals and discussion guides.
  • Supplemental social share graphics on the topics of each devotional.

If you have any questions about implementing these resources or doing digital discipleship well, contact our team at . We would love to talk with you, recommend resources, and even help you create custom projects to contextualize this content.