Free Calendar Templates (& Four Ways They’ll Help Your Church)

This month will soon mark the official start of SUMMER! Summer means the kids are out of school, families are busy making plans to take advantage of the sunshine… and church attendance is inconsistent. Ministry leaders need to communicate even more clearly to cultivate engagement throughout the busy summer months.

Passing out a summer events calendar is a small task that could have a huge impact on your community’s awareness and responsiveness to upcoming events! FMR has created some calendar templates that you can download, customize, print, and physically hand to your ministry’s community. This bundle includes an instructional video to make the downloading and customization process quick and easy, along with 3 different calendar designs to choose from.


Click here to download the calendars
Here are 4 tips for using this summer calendar well:

1. Use the calendar to connect.
In our digital world, being handed something tangible makes a big difference. Use this opportunity to express your genuine interest in connecting with people face-to-face! As you give people the calendar, personally invite them to your events and make them feel loved and welcomed. Everyone wants to be included —let your church or ministry be that community for people.

2. Use the calendar to clarify.
Your calendar should be simple, easy to read, and serve as a constant reminder of upcoming events. Around summer, people have a long list of demands — graduation parties, weddings, and family vacations. Everyone will appreciate the advanced notice while making plans. The calendar will increase awareness of events and prevent families from double-booking or forgetting!

3. Use the calendar to cast vision.
Calendars allow you to map out everything onto one page. Reflect on the events on your potential calendar and be sure they give you the opportunity to demonstrate your culture and mission. Every special event is a chance to bring new people into your ministry, and your core values should be evident in each event. Love others well, make them feel welcome and comfortable, and establish a culture that makes people want to bring others in to hear the Word of God.

4. Use the calendar to encourage community.
If you are getting nervous while reading this thinking, “What events do we even have coming up for me to plug into this calendar?”… Don’t panic! Many churches consider summer to be a “slow” time in ministry. But it doesn’t have to be! You can utilize this time to plan a few events that increase community engagement and bring great joy and encouragement to your community. Youth events, VBS, family weekends, prayer gatherings, potlucks, BBQ’s, and seasonal small group meetings are just a few ways you can bring people together this summer — giving them a place to belong. No matter how big or small the fellowship event is, if you learn more about each other and more about Jesus, it is time well spent!