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There is no greater discovery in life than finding your God-given calling. Although middle and high school students may seem too young to be thinking about their future careers, they are in the perfect position to be pursuing their purpose. Living a life of purpose and fulfillment begins as soon as you embrace your spiritual gifts to serve God and those around you. You don’t need a specific diploma, job, title or relationship status. You simply need to glorify God with your talents and pursuits. God created you on purpose and for a purpose. But how do you know what that purpose is?

This 4-part class on finding your purpose will help your students find their identities and callings in Christ. 

Here’s how the Finding Your Purpose class breaks down:
Part 1: Examine Your Experiences

It’s easy to approach Romans 8:28 as some kind of lottery ticket passage that suggests Christians exclusively experience good things. But that’s almost the opposite of what Paul is saying when you look at the context of this chapter. The apostle is explaining that life will be hard and that Christ-followers will face tragic life experiences. Paul doesn’t promise bad stuff won’t happen. However, he does promise that God can always bring something good out of our experiences that are bad.

Part 2: Evaluate Your Values

Your daily decisions determine your future destination. You are constantly making decisions, big and small, that build your life. Whenever confronted with a choice, you run it through a filter in your mind. This takes mere moments, but that mental filtration feature is called your “core values.” Your core values guide your life. 

Part 3: Unwrap Your Spiritual Gifts

When Paul wanted to help the church live a fulfilling life, he encouraged them to explore their spiritual gifts. This leads us to a logical question. What is a spiritual gift? Simply put, a spiritual gift is a special ability given by God to be used for God. Whether it’s with a talent, temperament, or skill, there is some special way God has blessed you. 

Part 4: Write Your Purpose Statement

What are you doing to keep focused? It’s much easier to stay focused when you know where you’re trying to go. We have analyzed our life experiences, evaluated our values, and unwrapped our spiritual gifts. Now, it’s time to put it all together by creating an actionable and practical purpose statement.

This class was adapted from our small group Bible study on purpose. Click here to view the small group Bible Study. You might also like these free sermon series for youth.

Most of our series have been recorded and are available in our free video library! You can access those Bible study videos by clicking here.

The Finding Your Purpose Class includes:

–4-part Finding Your Purpose small group guide (intended for stand-alone small groups)
–Finding Your Purpose Class slideshow presentation (intended for large youth group gatherings)
–Finding Your Purpose workbook to accompany the slideshow presentation
–Graphics to promote the Finding Your Purpose Class on social media

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