Free Graphics: Easter Edition

Do you want some free social media graphics for Easter? We’ve got you covered!

Social media is about so much more than selfies and Facebook arguments.

We often pigeon-hole ourselves as creatives. Social media, as a church, is about so much more than marketing. We can think of our work exclusively as promotion and outreach — promoting upcoming events, inviting people to services, and even literal advertising. All those things are valuable, but it’s also crucial that we use our platform as a way to worship. Christ-followers worshipped God during the renaissance era with their paintings, sculptures, and writings. I pray we see the same thing happen in churches around the world today through new digital platforms. Sure, the mediums and methods are different, but the message is still the same.

Here is my encouragement for you during Holy Week. Don’t just promote Easter services. Sure, do that some, but don’t make it the entirety of your message. Post content that both rejoices and reflects on the events of Easter to encourage your reader to slow down and experience the life-changing truth of Easter. Use your platform to proclaim, not just promote.

We created this bundle to help you do that! These graphics are all yours to use — you can post them, change them, share them, or even print them on an ice cream cake. No credit needed. No watermark. No fine print.