Free Bible Study on Doubt

This free 4-part Bible study on doubt will help your students learn how to wrestle with their questions in a healthy way that can deepen their faith and understanding of God.

Doubt, within itself, isn’t a bad sign. It’s often a great one. It means that you are thinking for yourself, wrestling with your beliefs, and taking ownership of your faith. People don’t abandon faith because of doubt. They leave because they never took true ownership of their faith. While doubt seems dangerous, it can be significant. It is often the first step to wisdom, growth, and understanding. Doubt, when properly approached, can lead us to deeper faith.

Part 1: Doubt Your Doubts

It’s human to face doubt, but it’s not healthy to live in doubt. When big questions keep you up at night, address them head-on. Let questions lead you to seek answers. Allow confusion to invite you into a bigger conversation. Let frustration push you towards faith. Doubt is natural, but it’s also deceitful. When you encounter hard questions, be sure to examine them. Your doubt will inevitably make way for deeper belief. Doubt your doubts.

Scripture: Jude 22

Part 2: Develop Through your Doubt

We can learn a lot from Doubting Thomas. It’s impossible to get answers without asking questions. Thomas let his questions be known. He started an open conversation about his doubts, which ultimately put him in the perfect place to grow in his faith. When you doubt in silence, you struggle. When you doubt in the open, you develop. 

Scripture: John 20:26-27

Part 3: Help my Unbelief

Faith can fluctuate in our lives. Sometimes faith flows like a fountain. Other times, faith feels like a fight. I’m sure you’ve been there. You’re wrestling with complex questions while God seems silent. If you’ve ever felt this way, then you are not alone. Meet a fascinating figure in Mark’s Gospel. A caring father is in the middle of a faith crisis, so he approaches Jesus with his doubts.  

Scripture: Mark 8: 17; 20-27

Part 4: Reasons to Believe in the Resurrection

The resurrection of Jesus reigns as the most extravagant and significant event ever to happen. All of history hinges on that single Sunday morning in ancient Jerusalem. Faith movements were sparked. Kingdoms began to crumble. All of humanity was gifted a direct connection to God. We will explore three reasons for trusting the validity of the greatest moment of human history – the resurrection. 

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 15:14


–4-part small group guide (intended for stand-alone small groups)
–Graphics to reinforce this content on social media
–Bonus devotional on 1 Thessalonians

This small group Bible Study on doubt is based on a free sermon series! Click here to view the Doubt your Doubts Sermon Series.

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