The social bundle just got better!

We want to give you more even more value starting this summer, so we are doing something different. I get it. I am scared of change too…but this is good change.
Sort of like when netflix switched from delivering used DVDs to streaming. Maybe this isn’t that big of a deal, but you get the idea.

Every month, we will still send you the same free-to-use social share graphics, but we will also be including two more resources.
1. You will receive a free training package. Our team has been working with our partnering college and marketing firm to create simple training resources for your staff to share. These will be easy to use, church-focused, and give you a practical application to help maximize your ministry.
2. A promo code for custom design. Our designers will work with your team to create custom sermon graphics, social share graphics or snapchat geofilters. The code will give you access to two free projects per month.