Five Great Church Home Pages

I love driving around the tiny towns in Upstate, NY. Many of them are absolutely adorable —  like a romantic comedy could be filmed at any corner. I especially love seeing the unique shops that line the narrow streets. No matter what the store is selling, I want to go inside. There is something so inviting about them. They could be selling designer purses or costumes for dogs, if their storefront looks enticing enough, I will likely wander through the door.

This is the power of “curb appeal.” We seldom think about this idea in churches. This is a mistake.
Nine out of ten people will visit your website before setting foot in your door.
Six out of ten will look you up on social media.

You need to work on your church’s curb-appeal, but this doesn’t look like putting out some shrubs or adding a banner to your lawn.
Your website is your first impression. Your website has the potential to bring people into your church.

What can we do to be sure that our website converts online visitors into in-person visitors?

Here are a few church home-pages that really invite the visitor to explore your ministry:


Ministry Name: Cross of Christ Church

Why This Works: Keep it simple! They have a simple message for you, they highlight their social media, and they give you a glimpse of the service.
When you click the only button on this site (contrasting color), it launches you to an informative site that invites you to learn more.


Ministry Name: Elevation Church
Why This Works: They use the entire home page to highlight the most recent sermon. They use video to invite the visitor to feel the vibrancy & energy of this ministry.


Ministry Name: Doxa Church
Why This Works: The most common pieces of information people look for are the service times & locations. This church brilliantly puts all of that front and center. Not to mention, their visual branding is absolutely stunning.


Ministry Name: Summit Church
Why This Works: People love mission. Summit Church makes sure their mission is the primary message of their site. This not only invites you to their church, but invites you into their mission.


Ministry Name: Christian Life Assembly
Why This Works: When done well, having multiple visuals encourages engagement. This is the perfect combination of user-friendly and informative. You can quickly find service times, plan a visit, and engage with their most recent blog posts.